An extensive management support system ensures that you receive the attention and responsiveness you deserve as a client. Magnum Force Security operates the following decentralized management system to ensure high productivity. We have the following layers of roles:

Account Managers – The Critical Difference

  • Dedicated to your account and your needs.

Whether handling a single site or several, Magnum Account Managers are critical to our business partnerships. These managers are empowered to run their accounts and are typically rewarded through incentive compensation for performance in key functional areas.

District Offices – Complete Local Support

  • Extensive network of district offices puts management right on your doorstep.
  • Qualified managers with specific knowledge of your security program are available to solve any challenge that may arise.

Overseeing all planning, hiring, training, scheduling, supervision and administrative functions, our local management team is both accessible and accountable. With intimate knowledge of your market, Magnum force district staff can provide a proactive security program and the right solution for your site.

Regional Support – Management Nearby

  • Located strategically to support our branch offices.
  • Additionally resourced to support the district office staffs.

Magnum Force regional offices, all under the management of the General Manager Operations, Administrator and branch support staff; each with dedicated regional recruiters, trainers, and fully staffed administrative support team work collectively to offer service excellence.

Executive Support – Top Level Accountability

  • Executive management team including the Managing Director and the Human Resource Manager work as part of the team to enhance efficiency.
  • Quality assurance is our primary focus.

Executive management uses its ‘All Hands on Deck’ approach, makes frequent visits to all regions to have a firsthand look at the various location and have a personal chat with the clients.